Mummyfying Alan

I was lucky to be asked to be involved in the climax to the program ‘Mummyfying Alan’ in the unveiling of Alan Billis’s mummified body. I spent four days up in Sheffield in a Mortuary there filming with some very passionate and respectful people. I’m glad to say for all the production team that it won not only an RTS award but finally in June this year a BAFTA for best science and natural history based documentary. The director Kenny Scott was a very thoughtful and intelligent director who I had never worked with before but I was struck with his empathy and compassion for the whole team and subject matter around him. The Program won an RTS and then a BAFTA for the best specialist factual program

My last part of the shoot was shot on a Sony F800 and I believe that some of the program was also shot on a Sony F3 for particular controlled parts of the mummyfication procedure…

You can watch the whole program on 4OD player here


Here is Alan Billis and his wife Jan:




All gowned up to film in the mortuary:


Here is the Daily Mails take on the program

Secret of the Pop Song

Just started a documentary for BBC2 with a working title of ‘The Secret of Song’ about the processes involved with songwriting. These are photos of Ceelo Green who was over here on the back of the Brits awards and Jessie J also for interviewed for the ‘Pop’ program. I hope to grab some more photos whilst working. We have Interviewed more contributors now including Boy George, Neil Tennant, Brian May and Sting to add some celeb background to the main content of the documentary. Today we interviewed Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss from Faithless for the Anthems program shortly after they have announced to ‘close the book and return to the library’ on their 15 year and six album collective…..

This program is now due for Broadcast on conecutive Saturdays starting with ‘Ballads’ on the 2nd July…

Director of Ballads: Clare Beavan

Director of Anthems: Matt Tucker

Director of Pop/R&B: Linda Brusasco



Here is a grab from the Neil Tennant section of the program:




The Search for Atlantis and Minotaurs!

Just before Christmas I was asked to film a documentary for National Geographic called the ‘The Truth behind Atlantis’ This was shot over a relatively short time of three weeks including over 14 flights and with an Assistant Producer who didn’t like flying and a genius of a one handed soundman called Kiff McManus! We filmed on the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas, Miami, Crete and ended up on the beautiful island of Santorini.

We looked at the Frescos of Minoans in Knossos, the ruins of Palakaestro in Crete and the Rock strata clues at Santorini, of the duration of the huge volcanic eruption resulting in blowing out the Caldera and speculating on the Tidal wave that might have resulted from this. We filmed the ‘Bimini Road’ often cited as being a possible site for Atlantis and finished up in a wave tank in Southampton trying to reconstruct the effect of such a tidal wave on a reproduction of a Minoan Village.


I had the privilege of meeting the iconic photographer of the Sixties called ‘Duffy’. He was one of the ‘Black Trinity’ or ‘Terrible Trio’ of photographers from that era: David Bailey,Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy. The documentary was for BBC4 and contributors included the likes of Lord Putnam, Joanna Lumley and David Bailey. Many Thanks to Chris Duffy for his endless help in this project. ‘Duffy’ unfortunately died soon after the completion of this documentary of a degenerative lung disease but may his cheeky, non-conformist soul live on in the spirit of his photographs!

in Matt Butson words (Vice president of Hulton Archive at Getty Images)

“I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Duffy and can honestly say in the brief time I knew him, he left a lasting impression – his wit, his cantankerous nature, his great intelligence and the ability to hold one spellbound, was a joy to behold – a one hour meeting would easily turn into six,” said Butson. “As one of the Black Trinity or Terrible Three as others called them, Duffy is the sole member who has yet to be honoured by the photographic establishment, which is curious to say the least.”

I encourage you to look at some of his work by clicking here

Deborah 13 : Servant of God

Deborah Drapper aged 13 and her family is the subject of a BBC3 documentary. I filmed some parts of this documentary on DigiBeta and also some B-Roll on a Super 8mm camera (Beaulieu 4008 MZII) to give some more emotive footage to evoke her fading childhood. We spent about two weeks with the family in West Dorset trying to catch the family at their most relaxed and unguarded to give the viewer a true portrayal of their ideals and routine. Linda Brusasco the Director also filmed more intimate interviews with the family on a Z1 to try and get more relaxed and uninhibited responses to her questions. I also used a Steadicam (an old MkIV!) for the portrait of Deborah and her family rather than the more standard Jimmy Jib intro shot to give it a different feel.


Left (in Kathmandu)

This is a documentary made by Ben Winter (Director, Editor and Producer) and myself in 2009 through to 2010 about the homeless children in Nepal after the end of the civil war. It was shot on my own camera at the time a Panasonic HDX900 and occasionallly a Canon 5D MkII used for timelapses and as a backup when my Panasonic gained a lovely head fault at the end of the second shoot! The camera had to be sneaked in due to the nature of the documentary and we had no official permission to make the documentary. We did however get the most incredible help from those involved  the orphanage that we used as our case study and also all the other organisations involved with helping children who are without parents and living on the streets. For more information please visit the ‘Left’ Website to gain more of an understanding of the situation there.:

Left Website

Srijana on camera