Rumer ‘Slow’

This is a shoot we did a couple of weeks back in Paris for Rumers single ‘Slow’. We shot the Main house sequence at a Castle Gibson site in Dalston. Shooting on an Arri Alexa and all the second unit stuff on Canon 5D Mk II and the location shoot in Paris in a ‘run & gun’ style. The footage has been graded in ‘Colour’ with a faded aged film look to the whole piece. There is another version coming out with a bit more Paris in it for the American market I believe. I will post a few photos of the shoot once I can source some. We had a vintage Citroen DS car to film in which was fun and an owner who didn’t mind me sticking suction cups and K- Clamps all over it! I loved the way the car exterior footage worked out considering it was left to it’s own devices while we were shooting the sync interior footage. Thanks to Clayton and Brett for indulging me!

Director Brett Sullivan
Second Unit Director Clayton Jacobsen

Here is the American edit that I prefer with a bit more of the romance of Paris.