This is the upcoming debut release of Jo Birchall’s pop promo that we shot in the middle of July on a very hot sunny day. The location was an old Coast guards cottage overlooking the Seven Sisters. We had great fun working with Jo and her team and had an amazing short but sweet lunch overlooking the cliffs with waves crashing in methodically. On the drive down in the morning, it poured with rain the whole way down but luckily the location Gods looked down and smiled upon us and it sunned up pretty soon after we arrived with our very smelly generator as the house had no power! Once again the ‘Late Misters’ were directing this one having pushed for a great location there wasn’t much for me to do except point and shoot! I think Dave T has done a great job on the edit as well so I hope you enjoy it.
The other number ‘Don’t let it get to your heart’ shown above was shot in a warehouse in Hackney and was more straightforward but equally fun incorporating a small story of the photographer into the usual mix of guitars and lights!

Kit wise I used the trusty 5D MkII to give it that softness of image, first time with a new Zacuto EVF, my own shoulder rig and a LOT of ND filters as it was a very very bright day and I was shooting most of it at wide open with my 35/50/85 Primes so you work that one out how much ND I had stacked up!
Here is the Video for’Wonderful’ below and I love the 85mm shot of just her backlight face falling in and out of focus and the location of course…



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