Just wanted to post the latest commercial that I shot with possibly the nicest bloke in show business… Mr Alfie Boe! We shot it on my Sony F3 with onboard Ki Pro Mini Recorder  and using Angenieux Optimo DP Zooms. We had a 5D MkII as a small cutaway camera as well. I was a bit apprehensive about using the F3 wide open on a Jimmy Jib but our Focus Puller Fran did us all proud and held focus even though the jib was always constantly moving and never resting.

Here are two links to have a look at. I felt that the ‘Blue Streak’ Flare effect filter was a bit too heavy even on the lightest grade but we shot with and without the filter in case but the Directors Ed & Ross and the client preferred with so that’s what you see in the commercial!  Thanks to the Lemmon man for great Ac’ing and of course to all the help we got from Sean and Robert blacking out a very white studio!

Here’s a shot of my F3 on the JimmJib (excuse the iPhone grab!):



Here also is the other Alfie Boe commercial that was the first thing I shot on with the F3 with a bunch of stills Nikon primes:

Bring Him Home:


Virtual Beard stroking with Alfie at the end of the shoot




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