Toddla T and Shola Ama

Had fun on this near Mid-summer night shoot in Gunnersbury Park… Saloon Films got the commission for this shoot and squeezed out a relatively smooth shoot out of a pretty low budget. We ran out of time really with the light only starting to drop at 10.30pm. The shot on the kids roundabout was shot on my C300 on C-log Gamma at 720 50P to give a half speed slow motion. It was very tricky to anticipate the focus as each person would react to the spinning in different ways but it did get a good reaction out of those on shot! We didn’t really have a lot of time to test the rig strapped down and especially not at that speed that it needed up going at!

Thanks to Mr Lemmon for helping out and also for Salvador stepping up to being a gaffer for the night and of course the Late Misters for being themselves!

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