Natalie Merchant

On a very cold dark winters day we filmed a two camera shoot in St. Augustines church near Maida Vale in London. It was so cold in that church that I never took off my Beanie hat the whole day! Brett Turnbull was DoP again was Brett Turnbull. Lighting wise we had a large 240 Briese key light and several smaller sources (HMI). Two dollies and straight track and two Red Ones with the Angenieux 24-290 *13  zoom lens. Director was Brett Sullivan.  I was operating the second Red One on a dolly. (1st AC was Warren Buckingham and Alex Tate as Grip).

At the time it was standard practise for the Rental company (Take 2) to provide a back up Red One body with each rental body they were that flakey in the beginning!