Lighting for Dummies!


On another cold winters day at the beginning of this year. We filmed at Black Island studios for Greg Holden’s music video for Warner Music. It was literally working with two mannequins which I joked about with Fran Weston (a very lovely 1st AC) that at least “they’ll do what they’re told and should hit their marks!” It was trickier than I thought in terms of lighting and involved a China ball heavily black wrapped down for the moodier shots and then went higher key for the later shots to try to relay the emotion and  give a tangible progression through time . I think that the Art Director and model manipulator did a pretty good job with very uncooperative talent! See the attached photos below complete with the drills for added articulation!










It was shot on an Arri Amira with Ultraprimes  for those that like to know those techie kind of things.

Thanks to Brett Sullivan and Natalie once again…