Periscope Up!


Here filming with the Optex Excellence periscope, which is a lens that I’ve always wanted to try and managed to persuade Tom (Director) to use it on a Scalectrix commercial. We hung it off a GF-8 crane to give it more mobility and added to the equation a big model set courtesy of Asylum and a lighting forest with Ultrabounce!  The lens seems to eat up light internally for breakfast and has a minimum stop of T5.6 so we needed a lot of soft light for those 100 Fps shots!

The Optex Periscope comes with 4 dedicated lenses from 120 degrees to 60 degree angle of view. These are small and very sharp after T5.6 . Many thanks to Martin at ‘Pirate’ for the use of this. The best shots were from the camera being suspended vertically and scrolling the lens very close to the cars. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this but you can see this in the commercial once I can post a link to it.

The small thumbnail photo on the left is on the test day also using the borescope attachment which was great for the hairpin corners. I really felt like this lens gave an immersive element to the commercial and put your perspective on the same level and scale as the cars.



GFM GF-8 Crane which suspended the rig both Horizontally and Vertically.




Pictures below including my own underslung Sk8plate dolly in use for the Macro pursuit shots.




Spot Dom (Producer) on the RHS, looking slightly stressed but keeping respectfully quiet!




A glimpse of the Lighting Forest of Kino Vistas (Thanks Andy no shadows for sure!)