Last summer I was sent on a lovely little shoot in Positano on the Italian Amalfie coast to shoot a few promos for Alfie Boe’s new album ‘Serenata’. We filmed in several locations, the first being the Main town piazza where large crowds gathered to listen to Alfie belt out ‘Volare’ much to the pleasure of the locals and even the local priest came out to see what was happening and ended up dancing with Alfie!


We did shoot a whole narrative piece involving being in the piazza for first light, which involved getting the key from the mayor for the clock tower, which had the only thirteen amp socket in the the square so lighting was pretty minimal!  We only had a small slider and a very very lightweight carbon fibre crane arm. Unfortunately the narrative piece got dropped but you can still see glimpses of it with scenes of the Alfie with the bicycle in the album trail for ‘Luna Malinconia’ here. This was meant to be a reference to ‘Il Postino’ and it’s fabulous setting of Positano and the Almalfie coastline.














All these photos were taken and provided by kind permission of Ray Burmiston

Please don’t reproduce these without his prior consent.


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