No not the James Bond feature unforunately but another fun Scalectrix commercial on back of the publicity of this movie….

No periscope lens this time sadly for me but a lot more intricate model work involved… There were some very quick moves that Dave Embury on the Jimmy Jib conducted perfectly with the help of his trusty side kick Giles so thanks to you two.

Because it was just to be shown before the movie we thought we’d go for a Cinemascope 1: 2.4 aspect ratio just by masking the image and shot in Slog 3 to give the grader as much latitude as possible. Lighting was much harder and lower than before with the F1 commercial as we were less worried about jib shadows. Still lots of Fluorescent lighting as we were told that the track expansion due to heat from lighting had caused lots of problems on previous commercials.


Here are some photos:


Two Dedo projectors on a dolly to simulate the tunnel lighting passing overhead


P&S Skater Mini Dolly for movement around model cars


An Idea of the Scale of the Model with Jimmy Jib


Simon from the modelling firm AsylumFX






Warren Buckingham (1st AC) pictured below on camera


Sk8Plate in underslung mode to track parallel to cars in chase


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