Girl & Heatwave

This is the second of the three of the Music Promos shot with Phil Collins and the legendary ‘Funk Brothers’ (from Motown fame!) More anamorphic fun with Lomo anamorphic zooms on two Red Ones and a lot of very fast dollying whilst craning up and down. Felt pretty dizzy by the end of the day! Lots of beautiful strange flares and 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  We shot three promos that day and had a afternoon/evening of Prep where Brett had to realign the anamorphics as they seemed way off on the Red Ones compared to an Arri 435. So using a  bit of an impromtu test chart involving a grid made out of a gaffers trolley and a plumbline and 5 hours later we were ready to go to bed ready for the shoot in well just a few hours!


Here is the Second number ‘Girl’