Kit List

Arri Amira/Alexa, Canon C300 MkII, Red Weappon/Dragon, Sony PDW800 , Sony F5 & F55
Canon CN 7*17 T2.95 Pl Mount Zoom Lens
TLS Morpheus 80-200mm T2.95  PL Mount Zoom lens
Canon CN-E Prime Set: 14,24,35,50,85 & 135mm 4K Full frame 35mm with custom cut Pelicase
Camera Bag Portabrace ‘Voyager’ Blue and “In Hold” Pelicase 1610 custom


Sachtler Head 20 SII (No.18P11025) with quick release (No.SHAN TM- 700) *
Carbon Fibre Heavy Duty ‘Speed Lock’ legs & Mid-ground spreader *
Second tripod Sachtler 18P Head and sppedlock legs
Sachtler Baby Legs 100mm
CineKinetic “Cinesaddle” Marsupial with car grip kit


IDX VL-4S Fast Charger (Complete 4 battery cycle only 3 hours!)
Batteries: 2-C95 Batteries & 4 IDX HL-10S
Black Pelicase 1520 custom*
Pag Freelancer Charger V-Lock (No. 000926)
Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Charger
Anton Bauer 2 Hytron 140 Batteries: (2045 U01S, 21208 U03S)
Anton Bauer 3 Hytron 100 Batteries: (54031,53261 and 53264)
Anton Bauer Tandem 70 combined power supply/charger (No: 2602)


Lighting Kit:
1 KinoFlo ‘Diva’ 400 Soft Keylight (Universal Voltage) & Light tools egg crate
4 * Dedo DLH4 Heads (No.88818/ 81868/ 81869) with 24V in-line Dimmers *
1 Dedolight 200D HMI Head and Ballast
1 Dedolight 400D HMI Head and Ballast (400/575) Universal Power
Dedolight DLH400S and DLH1000Plus with 5 Foot Octodome Soft Box & Eggcrate
1 BBS Area 48 Remote Phosphor LED Lamp with Snap-grid and Phosphors
Lastolite Green Screen (9′ by 12′) with Manfrotto Heavy Duty Goal Posts
Magic arms , Scissor Clips, Super Clamps, Poly Holders, Fingers, Dots, Safety Wires,Turtles, Mathews Flags, 4 ways, Spare Bubble Kit & Rigger Gloves
1 Chimera Pancake with skirt & Chimera Mogul ring Soft source (1K/500W)
2 Arri 1K Cyc Lights (Lighting Chroma-Key Backdrops or Night Floods)
2 Arri 650 W Fresnels with Chimera Speedrings
1 Arri 2K Tungsten Blonde (No.17107)
1 Chimera Video Plus Soft Box, Eggcrate, Soft Barn Doors
1 Arri Heavy Duty Boom Arm
Photoflex 5 in 1 reflector (Large) and various other Reflectors
Gels: Dichroic /Diffusers / Colour Gels and croc clips *


Basic Sound Kit:
Senheiser short shotgun Mic MKH60 (No. 21448) with Rycote Windjammer
2 * Sony ECM77 Clip Mics with windgags (Nos. 433294 / 428604)
3* XLR Microphone Cables (Various Lengths) *
1 Ambient Boom Pole, ‘Boom Buddy’ & Rycote Pistol Grip Holder /Softie


Camera Eye light:
Aladdin Note light  LED Top-Light & separate Battery & Nooga arm


Vehicle: Ford S-Max MPV (£75 Charge for day usage) *
Security deadlocked boot cage with ‘Tom Tom’ 1000 Navigation System
Additional Mileage charged at 60 p/m


Grip Extras:

P&S Skater Mini Dolly for Table top Dolly shots
Table and adjustable heavy duty supports
Sk8Plate Dolly with 2m and 2.5m bars and spigots for Low Boys or 100mm
Second tripod ans 100mm bowl clamps to support bars
Letus Helix Gimbal for C300 MKII Alexa Mini & A7S 
Ergonomic Gimble that you can work quickly with!
ABC Traveller Crane (cup to  20ft long) with weights/water and sandbags
Travelling Hard Tube and Mount for Gimbal Ronin or Helix
Grip Kit Box with anything you’d ever need!


HD Monitor Kit:
3G-SDI TV Logic 058-W Full HD 5.5″ Monitor
HD Formats 1080P 23.98/24/25/29.98/30 1080i 50/59.94/60
Canon BP Battery Back and D-tap to DC input to power from Camera
Porta Brace Shoulder Case with strap
Pelicase 1450 custom hard case
 Hire £50 a day


RadioMic Kit:(Diversity/Dual Channel)
2 Audio Limited DX 2040 Receivers
2 Audio Limited TX 2040 Transmitters
Audio Limited Dual Power Leads to Sony Hirose Connector
2 Sanken Cos-11 Personal Mics on three pin Lemo connector
2 Rycote Mini Windjammers and multiple concealed mic mounting kit
1 Switch IR remote control and VDC Bomb for Wireless Boom
Hire £40 a day


NEXTO NV2825 Safe Dual Copy of Rushes
 1 TB Internal SSD and dual copy USB3 Drive SSD copies 256GB-1TB
Hire £50 a day


B-Roll cameras

Choice of:

Canon 5D MkIII Video and Still camera 22MP (VistaVision DOF)
Canon EOS 70-200 F2.8 IS L series Telephoto Zoom lens Mark II
Canon EOS 24-70 F2.8 L Series  Mark II
Canon EOS Prime Wide 35mm F1.4 L Series
Canon EOS Prime 50mm F1.2 L Series
Canon EOS Prime Tele 85mm F1.2 L Series
Canon EOS Prime Macro 100mm F2.8 IS L Series
Nikon Macro lenses 105mm (F2.8) and 200mm (F4) for close-up Pack shotsS
Sachtler 18P tfluid head with ‘Speedlock’ Carbon fibre tripod with Mid level Spreader
Zacuto EVF or Loupe with Gorilla Plate
Timelapse Controller for HD Timelapse


Beaulieu 4008 MZII and 6008S PRO Super 8mm film cameras
4-80fps 10-400 ASA Meter Manual Settings
Crystal Sync Module 25 FPS
Schneider Kreuznach 6-66 F1.8 Macro and 6-80 F1.4 with Macro
Nizo UltraWide Adator (Type III)
Nikon 35mm stills – C mount adaptor
Angenieux Zoom 8-64 F1.9 Super Sharp Zoom Lens (No. 1226301)
NI-MH AA batteries and universal voltage charger
Black Peli Case 1450
Bolex H16 SBM Reflex Super 16mm camera
12- 64 Fps Frame rates
Macro Switar Prime RX lenses: 75mm F1.9, 25mm F1.1, 10mm F1.6
PL Mount adapter
Clockwork Spring wound (Can be hand cranked for creative visual effect)
Bayonet or C Mount lenses

POV / Crash cam or Extreme Sports :

Go Pro Hero 3 Black and HD Hero with Aluminium housing:
MPEG 4 on Micro SD cards (16GB) Battery USB powering for Extended Timelapses
1080/720 slow motion switchable with underwater housing


Portable Studio Backdrops :

Lastolite Green Screen (9′ * 12′) and Goal Posts for Colorama Rolls White & Chroma Key Green and selction of Muslin Calumet fabric backdrops